In the autumn of 2022, 30 motivated students will go to Singapore, Taiwan, and South-Korea on a Study Tour. These students are studying their Bachelor or Master in (Technical) Computer Science and Business Information Technology at the University of Twente.

Contract Research Assignments

At this moment, we are looking for interesting, ICT related assignments of 120 or 160 hours at companies in the Netherlands. Such an assignment can be very broad; for example conducting research or implementing/designing a system. It is the ideal way to solve some (small) problems your organization has been facing or to work out an idea which has been on the shelf for some while. Furthermore, it is a great way to introduce senior students to (the IT within) your company.

The students are senior bachelor or master students of Technical Computer Science or Business Information Technology. During their time at the university, they gained a lot of experience executing and designing solutions in the field of ICT.

The entire profit of these assignments will go to the study tour, during which the participants will visit interesting companies and universities in Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

In short:

  • A student can do an ICT assignment of 120 or 160 hours.
  • The students have a lot of experience doing ICT assignments.
  • An ideal and inexpensive way of doing projects or introducing a student to your company.

So, if you are interested in offering such an assignment and/or you know somebody who might be interested, do not hesitate to contact us via! We also offer other collaboration options such as a banner on our website, a post on our social media platform, lunch lectures, and mailings to students which study (Technical) Computer Science and Business Information Technology. If you are interested in these collaboration options you can also send an email to