What is a Study Tour?
Evolve is the 2022 installment of the study tours organized by study association Inter-Actief of the University of Twente. Study tours are organized every two years, with previous destinations including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Brazil, India and China. During a study tour, the participants visit companies, universities and undertake cultural trips in the destination countries. In preparation of the study tour, the participants take courses and perform research within the scope of Evolve's theme; Cities of the future. Evolve will leave for Singapore and South-Korea in the fall of 2022.
  1. Theme Research

    The best way to describe the theme research phase is to compare it to a miniature version of the bachelor thesis. The theme research takes place during the third and fourth quartiles of this academic year.
  2. Contract Research

    Contract Research is a sort of internship at a company we will match you with. This contract research lasts between 120 and 160 hours and most commonly takes place over the summer holiday.
  3. Tour Preparation

    There is also a course you will have to take in the first few weeks of quartile one of next academic year. This is focussed on various aspects of the countries we'll be visiting.
  4. Study Tour

    Finally, time for the actual study tour. We will fly out together and spend three wonderful weeks together. Every day someone else will get the chance to write a blog about the tour.