Theme Research Tracks

Multi-Agent Systems

Future systems are often built on self-governing agents, but they do need to collaborate to achieve their goals. Such multi-agent systems are a hot research topic, and may prove acornerstone of cities of the future.

Embedded Systems

Devices are continuously becoming smaller and more capable of performing complex tasks, approaching a smartdust scenario. But this also creates challenges, like ensuring their dependability and reliability.


As systems become more complex, so are the security challenges they will pose. In smart and connected cities, these challenges are especially pronounced for high-risk infrastructure like traffic guidance systems or automated vehicles.


Without being able to communicate, humanity would never have reached where we are now. The same holds true for smart devices, as we move to an even more connected world, so will the need for secure, stable and fast networks grow.

Big Data & Machine Learning

Large and complex datasets can be found all over in smart cities, and extracting meaningful information from them is one of the most prominent challenges in IT today. It finds application in behaviour mining and deep learning, two important fields for the development of smart cities.

Technology Acceptance

As technology becomes more omnipresent in our lives, its acceptance is a key requirement. This is not only limited to the interaction between the system and the user, but also encompasses any legal and ethical problems that arise when introducing new technologies.