Frequently Asked Questions


How much will the Study Tour cost me?
Every participant pays a participation fee of € 1000. In addition, every participant will do a Contract Research assignment for 120 hours at a company, which will provide the rest of the funds needed. Some companies also offer 160 hours worth of research, in which case the participant contribution is lowered to € 500. However, in practice, this doesn't happen often. Furthermore, the Study Tour is all-inclusive, which means that you have paid for all the business and cultural activities, as well as the meals for each day of the tour.

Contract Research

Where will my Contract Research take place?
We try to find companies that are close by for the participants to work. However, you may be required to travel a little in order to get to the company. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you beforehand. If you don't want to travel, we will take this into consideration when choosing a Contract Research assignment for you.
If I work at a company already that is willing to arrange such an assignment for me, is that possible?
Yes, this is possible. If the company is willing to pay the agreed fee, you can do the Contract Research at that company. If you want to do this, send an email to
When will I do my Contract Research?
Most participants will do their Contract Research over the summer holiday. If you desire to do this in the third or fourth quartile, and we have a company that is willing to accommodate this, you can also do it earlier.


Are you able to do the Study Tour in your master, even when the Theme Course will be during your bachelor?
Yes it is! As you will be receiving your grade in Q1 of your masters. You will get the 10 EC for your masters.
During the fourth quartile, I am doing my Research Project for the bachelor. Is it possible to combine this with the Theme Course research of the Study Tour?
Yes, but you will have to arrange this with your supervisor, and they must agree that you will be doing the research for 17EC in total. Also notify us of this so we can take it into account in any deadlines we have to impose.
How much time will the Theme Course cost me?
The Theme Course is a course of 7EC, which means it will take you approximately 196 hours. Spread over twenty weeks, this means you're expected to put in about ten hours per week.

Study Tour

What is expected of me during the Study Tour itself?
During the tour, every participant is expected to make a report on one or more of the companies we will visit. This report is partly constructed in the first three weeks of the quartile (before we are on the tour), and is completed after the visit itself. During the visit, you are expected to take notes and write down questions and answers, which will be used to complete the report.
Are we allowed free time during the Study Tour?
Yes. Most evenings have no fixed programme, and sometimes you have the morning or the afternoon free as well. However, note that you are expected to participate in every visit that takes place, so keep that in mind when planning your activities.

After the Study Tour

Is there a possibility of travelling after the Study Tour has finished?
Yes. After the Study Tour, there are still 3 weeks left in the quartile where you would be able to travel. The traveling agency we are working with will try their best to help you with planning this trip if needed.
Is there anything expected of the participants in the last three weeks of the quartile?
Nope. In the last three weeks, you are free to do whatever you want!